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Simply Beautiful Moments from National Geographic

Silverback Gorilla, Africa Photograph by Ian Nichols, National Geographic

Some photographic moments are memorable because they are so unlikely. It is impossible to look at this wonderful image by Ian Nichols and not smile. The juxtaposition of the giant silverback gorilla holding a delicate leaf is a delightful surprise and a unique moment. —Annie Griffiths

Photo Tip: The phrase “wait for it” must have been coined by a photographer, because it is such an essential part of what we do. When photographing wildlife, capturing the perfect moment is just as important as it is with humans—and requires even more patience. Link here.

African Lion Mother and Cub, Tanzania – Photograph by Mitsuaki Iwago, Minden Pictures

Everything about this photographic moment is tender. The light, the gesture, the color are perfect. But there is also a small detail that completes the intimacy of this scene by photographer Mitsuaki Iwago. It is the small catch-light in the lion cub’s eye. Perfect. —Annie Griffiths

Photo Tip: Capturing the catch-light in a subject’s eye can take a photograph from lovely to sublime. Eyes are the windows to the soul, so when the eye reflects a beam of light, it draws viewers in and makes them feel a greater intimacy with the subject. Link here.

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Animals in Nature

Photography by Gracie – © All rights reserved

Messengers Of Direction

July 2, 2008

Animals share our planet with us, but experience it differently—each has its own abilities and gifts that allow them to interact successfully with the natural world. Since we are merely one manifestation of the universe’s energy in action, when we feel the need for direction we can turn to animals in nature for guidance. Animals can show us different ways to approach and deal with our challenges.

As we hold a question in mind, we can begin to pay attention to the animal activity around us. Staring out a window we may notice a bird soaring high in the sky, showing us how to look at our situation from a greater distance. If we don’t get an immediate answer, we can remember that the universe has its own perfect timing that doesn’t heed the ticking of the clock. Instead, we can release our question into the universe’s care, and then trust that an animal messenger will carry inspiration our way. In the meantime, we align ourselves with the universe’s rhythm—opening, humbling ourselves, and shifting our perceptions so that at the perfect time we will be ready. Then, even weeks later, the sight of a small bird hopping from branch to branch may signal for us to use a talent other than our greatest strength and to take small leaps rather than fly over details. A squirrel bounding across an open expanse of grass to stash its latest prize may remind us to check our favorite hiding places for forgotten treasure. Even if we don’t see actual animals, their representations may hold messages; whether we see them in a shape in the clouds, a picture, or a show on television, their symbolic meaning is the same.

Animals are closer to the rhythms and cycles of nature and have fewer distractions from it than humans do. That is why they are the perfect messengers when we are in need of advice. Just by being themselves they remind us of the wisdom of the universe, and that all answers are available to us when we reconnect with our source and with those who know how to be nurtured by it.

Daily OM


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Unconditional love

Photography by Gracie – © All rights reserved


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Let me inside please……….

Let me inside please………., originally uploaded by *Gracie.

My cat was extremely angry with me for not letting him inside fast enough. I took the picture from upstairs as he was looking up – he’s recovered now.


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National Geographic- Camels & Shadows – Updated!

I’ve had so many people interested in this fantastic photograph so there is a way to download it for your desktop wallpaper.

Here is the official link: National Geographic with easy instructions. Enjoy!


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National Geographic – Camels and Shadows

Please see updated photograph for a better image plus information on using this as your desktop wallpaper. Enjoy!

The following is a picture taken directly above these camels in the desert at sunset.

Photograph by George Steinmetz

It is considered one of the best pictures of the year. Look closely, the camels are

the little white lines in the picture. The black you see are just the shadows!!


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Spoiled Rotten!

Photography by Gracie – © All rights reserved

Niko is a Maine Coon brat of a cat. We still love him in spite of his ego.


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