Images from the Gulf Coast – TEDxOilSpill

30 Jun

I recently watched the conference in DC via the internet presented by the folks at TEDxOilSpill. The photos from the oil “spill” (gusher) and the personal stories shared continues to haunt me, to put it mildly, given the magnitude of this terrible disaster. There had been rumors about BP restricting media and cameras from the area in hopes of hiding just how much damage is occurring as it continues to spread.

All photography by Pinar Ozger.

Oil soaked booms in Baritaria Bay, Louisiana, originally uploaded by PinarOzger.

The personal stories shared are heartbreaking. We have no idea of determining the long term damage as this is unprecedented and still fluid. Images have an impact so I’m grateful for the photographers that are recording their findings through ground and aerial captures. They have given permission for those photographs to be shared to spread the word so I’ll be posting some of those here. I have not been able to look at ANY images of the injured or dead wildlife, it’s simply too depressing given the magnitude of this disaster.

Boom!, originally uploaded by PinarOzger.

We, as a country, need to find alternative energy and be willing to change our lifestyle. Where are our political leaders in this quest? Jimmy Carter warned us over 30 years ago but the usual culprits ridiculed him in their typical method of operation. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand we must make significant changes and let BP and the like know their marketing schemes and propaganda campaigns are not going to work.

Gulf Shores, Alabama, originally uploaded by PinarOzger.

What is heading your way!, originally uploaded by PinarOzger.

Brown Pelicans, originally uploaded by PinarOzger.

Burns in Barataria, originally uploaded by PinarOzger.

Joseph, our dinghy captain, originally uploaded by PinarOzger.


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