Earth Mother

07 Sep

I’ve noticed any photograph uploaded from my computer lacks the clarity of those downloaded from my Flickr page. Wonder what causes the difference? Anybody else having that problem?

..still standing.., originally uploaded by *Gracie.
Photography by Gracie – © All rights reserved

by Alison Rotmark

Life pulses throughout Her land,
Covered by rich harvest and fertile beauty –
Time as deep as ocean and as infinite as sand rippling harmony and
complexity; Her duty
Her life and wisdom rides the breeze,
As Her mercy and strength evaporates.
Man’s creation reigns; devastation, disease
From invention of the wheel; we’ve industrialized our fates.
War and meaningless death – what extinction it creates.
Her rivers of life are running dry
As She watches Her children lead Her to die.
She feels the gentle wind of Her own failing breath,
And from Her eye a final tear does glisten.
It saddens Her to know we orbit our own death.
We’ve always known the way – Her voice; if only we would listen.

Photography by Gracie – © All rights reserved

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Posted by on September 7, 2008 in Art, Environment, Flowers, Gracie, Nature, Nikon D60, Organic, Photography, Poetry


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One response to “Earth Mother

  1. shotmeter

    September 9, 2008 at 10:00 pm

    Yes, I’m having the same problem. I’d love to simply blog the shots directly from flickr, but with my current theme, that wouldn’t work too well. Aaaarrrgggh! Here I go again, changing themes all the time!


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