“Spoken Imprint – The Human Voice!”

03 Nov

Photography by Gracie – © All rights reserved

Whether listening to the low muted murmur of a confidential whisper or the proud declarative boom coming from behind a mike on the podium, there are few sounds more evocative than the human voice. Each human being’s voice has a unique tone that is all its own. Carrying its own signature traits and idiosyncrasies, no two voices are alike.

Yet so often, we neglect to hear these resonances under which our spoken words are floated over. A lover’s voice vibrating with tenderness can feel like a warm caress touching the body; words spoken over an angry voice can seem like bullets hitting one’s auric field; and a voice tinged with laughter can’t help but fill us with good feelings. And then there are the voices of other people we encounter. The radio announcer’s soothing baritone that accompanies us during a long ride, the cheerful chatter of children playing on the street, and the dulcet hum of a yogi in mid-mantra are just a few of the voices we may be blessed to hear on any given day. Taken together, they’re like a wondrous symphony of mellifluous notes.

Every time we use our voices, we send our energetic imprint out into the universe and to the people around us. And, like the words that we use when we speak to people, our voices can communicate what we are feeling, what we desire, and what we really mean. There is no hiding our truth that can be felt through the sound of our voices. Timidity, desire, pain, and love can all be expressed and felt through the human voice. Our voices also have the power to heal, to hurt, to love, and to transform others. When we are aware of the impact our voices can have, we can consciously choose what we are expressing. Remember that what you communicate when you speak goes beyond words. Take responsibility for the power your voice has to impact the space and the people around you, and let your voice be a sound that creates harmony and compassion in the universe.

Daily OM

(It’s the one thing lacking with our internet friendships)


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2 responses to ““Spoken Imprint – The Human Voice!”

  1. dragonmommie

    November 4, 2006 at 8:30 am

    Thanks for your post… and comments on my blog. I find sound from the human voice very intriguing, as well. Sometimes, the only way I can truly express my emotions is through a “sound” rather than words… well not with the outside world, anyway! They’d have me in a straight jacket.

    Think about what draws us to a song we hear. The music, yes; the lyrics, yes; the sound of the voice, most definitely. I love chanting which is a lot of vowel sounds. Each vowel sound has a characteristic all it’s own, evoking a certain emotion.

    I love and marvel at rich resonance. Did I spell that right? The vibration of sound we hear and feel. Richard Marx’s haunting voice…. ah. Perfect for the love songs he sings… or sung. Don’t know if he is still out there.

    Thanks again for your post! It’s really got me thinking.

  2. Gracie

    November 5, 2006 at 12:29 am

    Thank you, dragonmommie!

    I love your sense of humor! Sounds often can have a soothing or annoying effect and anything in between. Music has always been therapeutic for me, good music I mean, not the commercialized stuff that is popular these days.

    Your comments are always appreciated, thanks again for your kind words.


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